Idle comments on fire and hemlock books.

Tanaqui tweaver at
Sat Jul 31 16:35:38 EDT 1999

Mary Ann questions the inclusion of "Boys' Books" and whether they
are possibly camouflage for the fairy stories and ballads.

I suggest that they are, rather, a strong hint not to be "ladylike",
a constant piece of advice in DWJ. Don't join the stifling Ladies in
_Black Maria_, don't let Dillian in _Archer's Goon_ cow you into being
good, just don't buy into a pointless piece of conformism. Imagine if
Polly let Laurel's queenly nature elicit subservience.

In early DWJ, it's the boy protagonists who are most sympathetic, but
as she progresses, the strong Janet-like (_Charmed Life_) characters 
aren't so sidelined. The Tanaqui of _The Spellcoats_ is a notable
exception... she is warlike and independent and tough. 

_The Castle of Adventure_ is one of a series of "... of Adventure" books
by Enid Blyton. Not of startling literary merit. I did like the parrot
wittering on "dusty, musty, fusty" in that book, though.

Tanaqui, who recalls Diana muttering darkly about a certain lady children's
         author who was rather repressive and austere and "ladylike".  
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