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Sally Odgers sodgers at hotnet.net.au
Sat Jul 31 23:30:26 EDT 1999

>Two of my fortune file entries are from this book:

That's a nice phrase, Deborah. I haven't heard of a fortune file before,
but I have a list of choice quotes as well. The trouble with mine is that
many of them are a bit too long for comfortable quoting; they're more like
scenes than quotes. Others are just bits of choice description... or little
bits that please me.

They include;

'"Oh God!" said Christopher with finality.'
"Hasn't the girl any more brains than a buttercup?"

 and the love declaration, also from Perilous Gard... you know - the "own
eyes and own mind" speech?

and "Eels, what are eels? Fish I think, or are they reptiles... just part
of natural history..." That's an Arthur Ransome tag.

and "climbing up Sorry like an arthritic bean..." from Mahy's Changeover.

And of course DWJ is the master of them all...

I like quotes that start out as pieces of "fine writing" then descend
suddenly to the humorous.

Many of them are funny but touching as well. One day I'm going to compile
them... when I'm not tied up with other work! One of the best things is
when I recall a "fortune file quote" (thanks for that label...) and realise
I wrote it myself. Sounds horribly vain, but I'm not. It's just that if I
can't write to my own taste, there's no hope for me! 


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