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> > A Ring of Endless Light
> Isn't that a quotation from Henry Vaughan?

Yes, it is, and that fact is acknowledged in the body of the novel - not
just in the dedication page. Madelaine L'Engle has some good titles on the
whole and I wish I could make up my mind about her writing... good? Bad? In
between? I generally find her interesting, but then I find myself thinking
"oh, come *on*!" which can't be good. 

> I don't like titles that contain a gratuitous proper noun.  H M Hoover's

I'm not fond of initial "The"s. Sometimes you need one to make the rhythm
right, but often I don't think it necessary.

Witchbank (Catherine Jinks) is a wonderful title... note, no "The". I used
to use "The" in my titles, but I generally don't now... though sometimes it
gets put back in by the ed. 

I'd like to write a book called Doubleyou Doubleyou Doubleyou Dot.. do you
think I'd get away with that? Oh - and in the stakes for the "normal phrase
used otherwise", I have Suicide Watch.

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