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Fri Jul 30 20:00:22 EDT 1999

>> I think titles very rarely show the promise of the book.
>Here are titles that work for me. I don't necessarily like the books
>themselves (though often I do) but the titles draw me.

Here, you send us all these wonderful titles, and no Authors... How unfair!

Granted, we'll know the DWJ books, but the others? Please fill me in.

>Against the Wind
>The Cliffs of Night
>Cold Iron
>The Court of Silver Shadows
>The Dancing Floor
>The Door into Summer
>The Edge of Evening
>Falling into Glory
>Fire and Hemlock
>The Folk of the Air'
>Glory Road
>Hidden in a Dream
>Harding's Luck
>Houses of Stone
>The Iron Lily
>Mist Over Athelney
>The Other Side of Silence
>Owl Light
>Red Rowan Berry
>Ring of Bright Water
>A Ring of Endless Light
>The Rose Rent
>To Sail Beyond the Sunset
>Satin and Lace
>Sea Lord

Jill (Who lurks because most of the interesting things to say are said
before she gets home from work)

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