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Fri Jul 30 12:59:40 EDT 1999

>> I've got a DWJ book called Witch's Business from a local
>> library which says
>> its DWJ's first book.  Since I thought her first book was
>> Wilkin's tooth,
> Not true!  Her first book was _Changeover_ which is for adults and is not
> very good at all.  I would go so far as to say, boring.
> _Wilkin's Tooth_ must have been her first children's book.

I must admit I thought Wilkins' Tooth (for pedants: note position of apostrophe)
was her first book until a bookshop with a search on "anything by DWJ" found me

But I hate to hear you call it boring!  I love it.  OK, so it's not a fantasy,
but it has all the absurdity of the books in the "absurd fantasy" thread.  Some
of the techniques she uses she has refined in her later books, and some would
work better on film (movie?), but I think it works well as a book.  Not my
favourite DWJ, but certainly higher than Ogre Downstairs, Angus Flint, Chair
Person and 4 Grannies, and possibly higher than Time of the Ghost, Fire and
Hemlock and Black Maria.

Give it another try!

(That said, neither of my parents managed to finish it.  And yet my Papa can
read Pratchett, which is beyond me...)


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