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>>Mary Ann wrote:
>>"Does anyone else see some correspondence between Time of the Ghost and Fire
>>and Hemlock, and hence some correspondence between Julian and Sebastian? I
>>think that the relationship between the books is more cousinly than twinly,
>>but I've been struck by the importance-- and difficulty-- of memory in each
>>book, in which remembering is necessary in order to solve a problem which one
>>had some hand in creating. There is also the similar subtheme of the Dreadful
>>Boyfriend, o'course...."

> Ooooo,  never thought of that!  Especially about needing to remember in
> order to solve a problem one had a hand in creating. I'm going to have
> to read them both again next to each other.  Howard in Archer's Goon has
> a similar dubious surprise awaiting him as he gets closer to Venturus -
> and remembering who he is (or has been) helps him solve the problem,
> even though he is not particularly thrilled with the discovery.  Not
> thrilled, that is, except for the realization of his ability to build
> spaceships instead of just doodling them, which was a powerful
> compensation.
> Are there others where there is this memory question? And are there
> others where the hero/ine had a hand in creating the original problem?
> My mind is blanking.  I really like that the hero/ine would have been
> part of the problem but what does it mean then about them and about the
> others?  So many other stories go for the pat implicit answer that the
> heroes and heroines are plain better than the others, but this seems
> more complicated....

This theme of memory is explored by Charles de Lint in "Memory and Dream" -
although this (very) adult book is firmly on the horror side of fantasy.  The
sinister character (whose name I've forgotten) does have a fair amount of
Seb/Julian to him, but he isn't the heroine's boyfriend but her teacher.  Simiar
themes, but expressed with different relationships.

I was thinking of entering Robbie from Deep Secret in the Awful Boyfriend
stakes, but it is Gram who is the sinister character.  I was surprised to find
he was merely Janine's brother, but I suppose that's just my warped mind...


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