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>From: "McMullin, Elise" <mcmullea at kl.com>

>This topic makes
>me realize that I do experience varying degrees of attraction and
>repulsion based on the title.  Most are kind of neutral, but some just
>must be further investigated because of their title.  And some, well,
> >I've covered that already.

I have the same thing but for the cover picture.  Some pictures just make me 
squirm and I have to pick a book up and try to decide if it is worth reading 
despite the covers lack of appeal.

For example, I'd never read a Tamora Pierce book and someone thrust a copy 
into my hands and insisted I read it.  The cover was extrememly dark and had 
a picture of a fiersome girl riding a mammoth - very reminiscent of some 
awful Edgar Rice Burrows books.  I had to force myself to start it.

Other covers just draw the eye and my hand is reaching out to the book 
before I realise what I'm doing.  For instance, Robin McInley's The Blue 
Sword had such a compelling cover of a girl on a horse with a sword (and I'm 
a sucker for those) that I just had to buy it.

Anyway, that explains a little more about me than I care to think about...


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