McMullin, Elise mcmullea at kl.com
Thu Jul 29 15:07:59 EDT 1999

Deborah wrote:
>"I think titles very rarely show the promise of the book.
>Honestly, who's going to see the potential in a book called
>_Alanna: The First Adventure_.  It sounds like _Animorphs: #1_ or

Heh heh, but sometimes a title can warn you right off.  For example, a
while ago at the local bookstore, I stumbled across Acorna (something
further like Adventure of the Unicorn Girl - I was already beyond reason
after the first word. I may have missed the rest).  I was halfway across
the store before I could drag myself back to sanity with an effort of
will, so mighty was the force of repulsion.
Oh sure, I can imagine the counter-argument to this - that this kind of
book is geared toward the roughly 8-14 girl set amidst the sentimental
horsey, unicorny years.  But I remember the bent my sentimental side
took at that time and it was definitely toward pity.  Only pity and a
sincere belief that reading such a forlorn book was an act of unselfish
altruism would have led me to attempt it.  And after I had read it, I
would probably have felt resentful that it didn't apologize to me,
personally, for its existence.  It's the least it could do.
But you know, titles are kind of magnetic aren't they?  This topic makes
me realize that I do experience varying degrees of attraction and
repulsion based on the title.  Most are kind of neutral, but some just
must be further investigated because of their title.  And some, well,
>I've covered that already.

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