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Thu Jul 29 14:52:03 EDT 1999

>Deborah said:
>"So You Want To Be a Wizard? was very powerful to me for reasons
>that are perhaps ... predictable.  Bookish Nita and Kit are
>disliked and unpopular, but its the fact that Nita basically
>lives in the library that leads her to wizardry.    Then they
>turn out to be strong and good people who save the world -- and
>incidentally become comfortable with who they are."
Nothing better to set up a taste and appreciation for adventures far
afield than horrible classmates.  I had nightmares for months after high
school that they would come and take me back. ::shudder::  Personally, I
think people who grow up reading may well be *more* adventurous (and I
don't mean in the foolhardy way, though I guess foolhardiness can happen
to anyone) just on account of having a lot of ideas and curiosity
fueling them.  After all, that quiet reading kid is the one who is
imagining being a pirate on the high seas or riding a camel across deep
desert and struggling to conserve his water.
On the other hand, if some adult had said this to me when I was in the
midst of it, I would have accused them of forgetting how rotten it was.
I loved escape-from-horrible-school and
battle-the-horribleness-of-school stories growing up and think I always
will.  That's one of the reasons Millie is so entertaining In Lives of
C.C.  DWJ turns the whole thing on its ear.  Imagining her wanting
school tested my suspension of disbelief more than being a living
Oh say, it did come back around to dwj. Alright!

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