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Which titles of DWJ do you find enticing? I have a thing about titles, and
I can't find much correspondence between Diana's. The following are the
books I own - 
1	Archer's Goon, 	2 Black Maria, 	3. Castle in the Air, 	4.  Charmed Life, 
5.  Dark Lord of Derkholm, 	6. Dogsbody, 	7. Drowned Ammet, 	8, Eight Days
of Luke, 	9. Fire and Hemlock, 10. The Four Grannies, 	11. Hexwood, 12.
Hidden Turnings, 	13. The Homeward Bounders, 14. Howl's Moving Castle, 
15.  The Lives of Christopher Chant, 	16. The Magicians of Cuprona, 	17.
Power of Three, 	18. A Sudden Wild Magic, 	19. A Tale of Time City,  20. 
Warlock at the Wheel and   21. Wilkins' Tooth.

It seems to me that 2,3,4,12, 13, and 17 are simply transplanted
catch-phrases, with Diana using them literally instead of figuratively. I
discount 10, and 20 for various reasons, and that leaves 19 which is a
clear take-off of another book's title, and 8 and 15 which are perhaps
references to some other books I don't know. Of what's left, I think the
most successful *as* titles are 1, 9, 11, and 16. 
I find 5 and 7 and 8 and 14 awkwardly constructed and I just don't like the
sound of 21.  

Does anyone have any different takes on these? I suppose we have to bear in
mind that DWJ may not have named her own books and that some titles are
different in the US. 

On a related subject; which author has the best hit-rate with good titles?

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