Idle comments on fire and hemlock books.

Nat Case hedberg at
Thu Jul 29 10:21:49 EDT 1999

I think the second parcel has in common a theme of "Things are not what they

Package #2:
Kipling. Kim. is a story about the Great Game and being a spy
Wells. The War of the Worlds. is about the threatening and terrifying
dominance by the Un-human
Chesterton. The Man Who Was Thursday. is still one of the classic
Lewis. Perelandra. I don't know... 

As to boy's vs girls books, I think the books all involve action, and are
just the sort of thing Tom (who was or is himself a boy) would give someone
he wanted to have understand his predicament.

Nat Case
Hedberg Maps, Inc.

>Actually, the second parcel and subsequent ones puzzle me generally. So 
>many ìboyís booksî. 
>Surely they arenít just camouflage for the book of ìfairy storiesî and the 
>_Oxford Book of 
>Ballads_? Are they simply intended to suggest Danger and Suspense? 
>Mind you, books in the first parcel seem to me intended primarily to 
>accustom Polly to fantasy. 
>Iíve supposed that theyíre particular favourites of Jonesís. So perhaps the 
>latter ones are as 
>Mary Ann
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