Off-Topic (Green Men)

Tanaqui tweaver at
Wed Jul 21 00:38:28 EDT 1999

As Elise disclaimed: 

+ well - in a way this is off the letter of the topic but it is in the
+ spirit, but it's long so you may want to quit now while you are ahead.

My landlord follows the X-Files, and I remember watching an episode where
some Green Man figure in the woods played a large part. Somehow, the figure
was able to elude fairly high-tech tracking methods like infra-red detectors.
Fox and Scully were rather ineffectual without their mobile phones (no base
stations in deep woods).

The punch-line to the story was that there were actually two spooky woodsmen,
and that the aggressive one had attracted all the attention. In a Faery-tale
way, the prankster-figure had drawn the attention of the mundane world towards
the world of naturally hidden folk like him. 

The postulated origins for the figure(s) in the X-Files were uncannily like
the ones Elise listed... Nam vet in camouflage, weird hermits, beast-man. It
seems much closer than the cited Stephen King similarities. The unimaginative
kid who started it all should probably sue |-)


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