Diane Duane (was the ambiguous nature of Faery)

Anita Graham amgraham at cygnus.uwa.edu.au
Tue Jul 20 23:56:33 EDT 1999

I have only two Diane Duane books:

> The human books:
> So You Want to Be a Wizard?  -- Nita & Kit, brilliant
> Deep Wizardry -- Nita & Kit, brilliant

I bought this one a couple of weeks ago, started reading it, but got bored
with the language and handed it over to my 8yo. He has finished it but said
it was just OK. So neither of us seemed to really like it. I didn't like the
characters Nita or Kit much. (I got as far as Nita and Kit showing Nita's
parents their wizardry)

Since it seems to be recommended I can give it another try... but...

> And her adult _Door into Fire_ books

I have the first of these (Door into Fire) and I've never succeeded in
getting very far. I tried again recently, but I never have the urge to pick
it back up and find out what happens.


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