The ambiguous nature of Faery

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On Mon, 19 Jul 1999, Courtney M Eckhardt wrote:

> I just finished Deep Secret myeslf, and am rereading it, and I
> remember being a little bit disturbed by the fact that the characters
> cursed occasionaly.  But in thinking about it more, I concluded that
> it was really more of a YA book than a children's book (I found it in
> the children's section) and, like Fire and Hemlock, is meant for
> slightly older ahildren than, say, Charmed Life.

I found it in the adult section; the regular fantasy section of a
large Waterstones, in fact. I don't consider it a children's book at
all, no more than _A Sudden Wild Magic_. I'd lend it to our
fourteen-year-old babysitter, though, if she could read enough
English; but then she's rather grown-up for her age.

> I guess the death didn't bother me so much... which seems to be an
> artifact of graduating at a very young age to semi-adult fantasy where
> people died but didn't swear. :) (Tolkein at age 9, and Piers Anthony
> shortly afterward)

I read Tolkien at 10 or 11 and never acquired a taste for Piers
Anthony :-)

Anyway, it was not the death as such that disturbed me, but the
manner of Timotheo's death; tricked, executed with a wave of the hand
- literally! - and even if he *had* broken the law before the Emperor
made him break it, the law itself was stupid and unfair. On second
reading, I knew what was coming, and could read it as a foreshadowing
of the Empire going all the way down before rising from the ashes.

> I find it very interesting that someone else has made the comparison
> between Deep Secret and Diane Duane's books.  They were, you realize,
> a trilogy, and if you've only read one you're missing out. 

Yes, I know - sadly they're out of print. I got _A Wizard Abroad_ in
the mail today (thank you! thank you!). I bought the first book in
Canada two years ago, and they had the second as well, if only I'd
bought that too, but I didn't even know if I would like SYWTBAW. I
hunted for the others in London, but they're not to be found
second-hand (I think it's going to be a web search - what's the
second-hand web search address again?)


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