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> Does anyone else see some correspondence between Time of the Ghost and Fire and Hemlock, and hence 
> some correspondence between Julian and Sebastian? I think that the relationship between the books 
> is more cousinly than twinly, but I've been struck by the importance-- and difficulty-- of memory 
> in each book, in which remembering is necessary in order to solve a problem which one had some 
> hand in creating. There is also the similar subtheme of the Dreadful Boyfriend, o'course....

 Oh cool!  I hadn't thought of the memories connection between the two
books, but you're definitely right.  I'm not sure about the correspondence
between Julian and Sebastian, though.  But part of that might be because
Julian is more of a two-dimensional character than Sebastian.  Somehow
Julian seemed to be more of-this-world-evil and Sebastian more evil
because he was tied up with Mr. Leroy and Laurel.  I disliked
Sebastian, but could pity him, too, whereas Julian is just bbbbad to the

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