Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Fri Dec 31 12:38:38 EST 1999

Elise wrote:

        When I was a kid I used to try to imagine what I'd be doing today,
>but it was too mindboggling for me to imagine that I would be 29, much less
>how this mysterious future me would spend the time.  I also figured I'd hear
>that Prince song so constantly that I'd be really sick of it.

Ah, to have been a kid when Prince's song came out!

>I thought maybe I'd be at some tremendously grown-up party speaking to
>tremendously adult people about unbelievably grown up things as an equal and
>wearing dashing grown up clothing and so on.

As you're at your computer, I can only assume that the cruel people you
work for are actually forcing you to work today?  They'll get theirs in the
next millenium!

>        My new year's resolution is to read all dwjs over again at least
>once - and to tackle the books I haven't read (so many!) on the survey
>results lists.

Thanks be I'm not the *only* one feeling extremely poorly-read just now.
Anyway, I'd rather spend the last few hours of 1999 celebrating knowing all
you wonderful DWJ people, than worrying that you're better-read than I am!

Happy New Year to all.


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