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Sally Odgers sodgers at hotnet.net.au
Fri Dec 31 09:18:37 EST 1999

> Sorry it has taken me so long to respond...we had several days of high
> and we lost our phone for a while.  UGH!

Poor you, Sarah! We've had a smooth transition into 2000 - hope next year's
move into the 21st Century is as peaceful!

> I hate that feeling of disappointment.  How long into the book do you
wait to
> decide if you dislike it or not?  

If it's the style that bugs me, I usually know after the first few pages,
if I don't like the people, I usually give up about Chapter 3. It's the
ones that deliver a nasty whammy 3/4 of the way through I don't like!

> I loved Deep Secret and it has also become one of my faves.  I didn't
> care for A Sudden Wild Magic, but I have been meaning to re-read it
> Deep Secret just gets better and better every time I have read it.

Yes, Deep Secret stands multiple readings. Wild Magic does improve on
re-reading. I liked it OK the first time, but after 3 readings I'd got
quite fond of it.

> I have read only one of Rubenstein's books-Galax-Arena and I loved it.  I
> shied away from some of her other books because they seemed too
> for me.  Mayhap I will make another effort!  That's cool that you met her
> that she also liked DWJ.  What other authors have you met?

A lot of Gill's books are computer-based. Let's see - I know Penny Hall and
Max Fatchen well, ditto Sherry-Anne Jacobs. I know David Rish and Damien
Morgan and Peter Gouldthorpe - they're also here in Tasmania. Peter's
really an illustrator, but the other two write children's books; nice
blokes. I've met Isolde Martyn, Libby Gleeson, Paul Jennings, Valerie Parv,
Libby Hathorn, and quite a few others, but since I've encountered them only
once or twice,  wouldn't say I knew them exactly.


"Blessings of field and forest, of mountain and of spring..."  The
centaur's blessing from "Hector's Garden". 

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