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Sarah Imholt Arahsae at netscape.net
Wed Dec 29 17:16:02 EST 1999


Sorry it has taken me so long to respond...we had several days of high winds
and we lost our phone for a while.  UGH!

`...I would *never* again force myself, or be forced by someone else, to `read
a book I disliked. I've kept to that pretty well, which is why I `feel
disappointed when I read a book by a writer I have enjoyed and `trusted and
end up being depressed by it.

I hate that feeling of disappointment.  How long into the book do you wait to
decide if you dislike it or not?  I sometimes think that I just haven't been
patient enough to get into the story and should press on for a little longer. 
Of course, this is not the case when I dislike the writing style or
characters, for then I just stop.

I loved Deep Secret and it has also become one of my faves.  I didn't really
care for A Sudden Wild Magic, but I have been meaning to re-read it lately. 
Deep Secret just gets better and better every time I have read it.

I have read only one of Rubenstein's books-Galax-Arena and I loved it.  I have
shied away from some of her other books because they seemed too "computery"
for me.  Mayhap I will make another effort!  That's cool that you met her and
that she also liked DWJ.  What other authors have you met?


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