dwj-digest (Diana Wynne Jones) V1 #111

Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 29 13:50:03 EST 1999

I found the lists and  too much information for me to process without enough 
commentary and general silliness, hence I apologize for not participating...

But I glimpsed Elise's question about Frank Baum - no, the oz books are 
apparantly not an allegory on populism, but some people will never be shaken 
in their belief that they are. Oz buffs like me get very touchy about this, 
though it's silly really. For a full FAQ on this, check out 

Most of my favorite authors got mentioned anyway, except maybe Erich Kastner 
and Italo Calvino.

And A Book That Changed My Life, even though it's nonfiction, was 
"Understanding Comics" by Scott McCloud. Highly highly highly recommended.
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