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Hiya Nat, happy holidays.  Here are my comments on part 1:

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> Here are the compiled and collated results of the first part of the 4-part
> survey (what are your favorite writers?). All comments, annotations,
> caveats
> etc have been removed:
> Please reply once, to me ( hedberg at ), with any comments and
> annotations on this list. Please quote this message and interpolate your
> comments into that quoted message. This will make it easier for me to
> collate.
> 1 vote:
> Martin Amis - Amanda
I didn't care much for London Fields and haven't read anything else - I'd
like to hear any discussion on him from those who know more. - Elise
> Piers Anthony  - SallyO
I went through a Piers Anthony phase, but long ago - what do you abidingly
like about him Sally? - Elise
> Robert Asprin - Jenwa
> Wilhelmina Baird - Rainio
> Iain Banks - Amanda
> L Frank Baum - Jenwa
really liked his books once I finally read them.  Is this whole allegory of
turn of the century midwestern populism thing true? - Elise
> Peter S Beagle - Deborah
liked the innkeeper's song a lot, that was really very creative and humane.
Haven't read the last unicorn in Loooong ages, so can't speak to it any
longer - Elise
> Simone de Beauvoir - Dierdre
definitely I should have put The Second Sex under life changing works, but
it's been a long time and to some degree I let it be a bit marred in my mind
after reading about de Beauvoir and Sartre's relationship where, I felt in a
very hotheaded way, that she completely betrayed herself. - Elise
> Sarah Bird - Hallie
> Francesca Lia Block - Deborah
> Edward Bloor - Deborah
> Ray Bradbury - Nat
I love how visually he writes.  Loved Dandelion Wine and Something Wicked
etc. - Elise
> Beatrice Brandon - SallyO
> Madeleine Brent - SallyO
> Bruce Brooks - Nat
> Pamela Brown - SallyO
> Bill Bryson - Max
> William Buck (a translator) - Elise
oh yeah wow, oh wait, that was me who wrote that - Elise
> Pat Cadigan - Jenwa
> Truman Capote - Dierdre
> Jonathan Carroll - Jenwa
Really interesting writer and a thinking one, too.  I've only read one by
him so far but will read more - Elise
> Angela Carter - Max
Wild Stuff.  Wild Stuff. - Elise
> Jack Chalker - Philip
> Marion Chesney/MC Beaton (2 pen names/1 person) - Elise
> Ruth Chew - Nat
> David Hatcher Childress - Elise
> Storm Constantine - Karen
> Jilly Cooper - Amanda
> Robert Cormier - Nat
> Douglas Coupland - Dierdre
I don't know.  I've thought about it.  I've toyed with the idea, but I have
a feeling that even if I like his writing I will probably take exception to
him.  Maybe especially if I like his writing. Do you think there is a
marketing strategy to overcome disliking liking things?  Hmm, a silly
question - of course there is. - Elise
> Bruce Coville - Nat
> Helen Cresswell - Melissa
Bagthorpes! Haven't thought of them in ages. - Elise
> Amanda Cross - Dierdre
> Gillian Cross, - Vanessa
> Annie Dalton - SallyO
> Charles de Lint - Philip
> Pamela Dean - Vanessa
> Samuel R Delany - Dierdre - Dierdre
> Peter Dickinson - Sarah
> Joan Didion - Dierdre
> John Donne - Max
Busy old fool, unruly Sophie!  I love Donne's love poetry.  What ever
happened to that kind of appreciation? ;) - Elise
> Alexandre Dumas - Sarah
> Leslie Alan Dunkling - SallyO
> Dorothy Dunnett - Karen
> Monica Edwards - SallyO
> Greg Egan - Vanessa
> George Eliot - Dierdre
> Brett Easton Ellis - Dierdre
Yargh! hee hee, what I mean to ask is, what qualities make this writer stand
out for you? - Elise
> Harlan Ellison - Nat
> Elizabeth Enright - Hallie
> Janet Evanovich - Hallie
> Anne Farrell - SallyO
> Katie Fforde - Amanda
> Nicholas Fisk - Philip
> Fannie Flagg - Deborah
> Alan Dean Foster - Philip
> Karen Joy Fowler - Vanessa
> Jostien Gaarder - Jenwa
> Mary Gaitskill - Dierdre
> Jane Gardam - Dierdre
> Alan Garner - Amanda
> Jean Genet - Dierdre
> Elizabeth George - Amanda
> James Gleick - Melissa
> Joan Grant - Elise
> David Guterson - Melissa
> Thomas Hardy - Melissa
I've only read Tess, and only for school.  I was deeply offended by the
ending.  I find, upon reflection, that I am Still deeply offended by the
ending.  There must be discussion in that! - Elise
> Kevin Henkes - Max
> Frances Mary Hendry - Hallie
> P C Hodgell - Sarah
Oh yeah, loved her stuff.  I forget whether the third book ever came out
though.  I stayed away after a while because every time I checked for it or
re-read them and *wanted* the third book it never never never came out.
Couldn't take the frustration.  Loved that house of the worlds winding down
into the dark - was that great or what! - Elise
> Robert Holdstock - Sarah
I've read one so far, and I've forgotten which.  But there's this girl and
she keeps revisiting this scene where a briton warrior is dying beneath a
tree - and it was just SO powerful. I can still picture it all - and it had
that wild taste to it - I can't describe it, but HOldstock is definitely
succeeding in what he is going after. But, and maybe it's because I haven't
read enough of it, there's this despair and oblivion in his stuff that just
drives me away. - Elise
> Catherine Jinks - SallyO
> JVJones - Amanda
> Jan Karon - Melissa
> Joe Keenan - Dierdre
> Garrison Keillor - Nat
Powdermilk Biscuits.  Giving shy people the strength to get up and do what
needs to be done. - Elise
> Judith Kerr - Dierdre
> Laurie King - Nat
> Maxine Hong Kingston - Deborah
> E L Konigsburg - Hallie
> Hanif Kureshi - Dierdre
> Jeanne Larsen - Elise
> Fritz Leiber - Philip
> Doris Lessing - Dierdre
> Kenneth Lillington - Nat
> Alison Lurie - Dierdre
> RA MacAvoy - Rainio
> Jan Mark  - SallyO
> Julian May - Philip
I loved the originality of the setting of the Mediterranean basin at the end
of the Holocene, but after a while her characters really annoyed me.  It's
been a long time but I'm game for a re-read in order to discuss. - Elise
> Anne McCaffrey - SallyO
I feel like I've entered a Mad Lib.  I loved the originality of the setting
of Pern and the mysterious past and the downslide in the society, but after
a while.... - Elise
> Ian McEwan - Amanda
> John McPhee - Deborah
> Barbara Michaels - SallyO
> AA Milne, - Deborah
> Hayao Miyazaki - Jenwa
> Terry Moore - Jenwa
> Daniel Keys Moran - Jenwa
> Frances Murray - SallyO
> Andre Norton - Philip
Sometimes I've loved her, sometimes hated and sometimes been indifferent.
It's a testament to such a long and prolific career.  I worshipped
Forerunner Foray for quite a while - Scifi AND archaeology - what more could
I possibly ask?  Which reminds me, did anyone ever read H.M. Hoover? - Elise
> Patrick O'Brian - Karen
> George Orwell - Jenwa
> Ruth Park - SallyO Gary Paulsen - Sarah
> Maggie Pearson - SallyO
> Elizabeth Peters - SallyO
> Marge Piercy - Dierdre
> Daniel Manus Pinkwater - Nat
> Kristen Randle - Melissa
> Arthur Ransome - Melissa
> Mary Renault - Karen
> Judith Merkle Riley - Elise
> Sally Rogers - Davidson - SallyO
> Rumi - Elise
So amazing, so wonderful...oh wait, me again - Elise
> Oliver Sacks - Max
> Alvin Schwartz - Nat
> Wallace Shawn - Nat
> Barbara Sleigh - Dierdre
> Elizabeth George Speare - SallyO
> Muriel Spark - Max
Sharp! I could definitely do with a re-read of Prime of Miss Jean Brodie -
> Sean Stewart - Rainio
Yes, he's great and very disctinctive.  Loved Cloud's End particularly -
> Noel Streatfield - SallyO
> Rosemary Sutcliff - Hallie
> Michael Swanswick - Vanessa
> Amy Tan - Jenwa
Amy Tan is another supervisual/sensory writer, which I love and I love her
work.  I should have put her on the books that blew my mind list.  I love
the stories she tells and I feel like they are so New, not because they are
new in life, but because it was so new to me to see such compassion, such
focus on relationships and the heart in such kind and true ways - and it was
new to me to read the stories and perspectives of women - I can't describe
what it was exactly about her way of doing that - oh I'm blathering. I also
think she is a really neat lady, because I love the idea of that Rock Bottom
Remainders band she's in with Stephen King et al.  She inspires me. - Elise
> Julian F Thompson - Jenwa
> Kate Thompson - SallyO
> Sue Townsend - Amanda
Very funny, downright wicked.  I also lump her in with Fay Weldon, mentally.
Is it wrong? - Elise
> Barbara Trapido - Dierdre
> Geoffrey Trease - SallyO
> Vivian Vande Velde - Deborah
> Jhonen Vasquez - Jenwa
> Joan D Vinge - Jenwa
> Elfrida Vipont - Hallie
> Cynthia Voigt - Hallie
> Barbara Walker - Max
> Martha Wells - Rainio
> Mary Wesley - Karen
> Robert Westall - Amanda
> Edmund White - Dierdre
Oh wow, beautiful prose, beautiful writing.  So lonely seeming.  Thank you
for mentioning him and reminding me. - Elise
> TH White - Dierdre
> Laura Ingalls Wilder - Dierdre
> Nancy Willard - Max
> Tad Williams - Max
> Jeanette Winterson - Max
> Tim Wynne-Jones  - Nat
> Jane Yolen - Sarah
> Roger Zelazny - Deborah
> 2 votes:
> Douglas Adams - Amanda , Nat
Source of so many many funny things.  Eventually I grew tired of making
towel jokes that no one got (benighted cretins).  Loved the radio version of
Hitchiker's and the t.v. version was good too. - Elise
> Joan Aiken  - SallyO, Hallie
> Emma Bull - Deborah,Max
> Lewis Carroll - Jenwa,Max
> C J Cherryh - Karen, Philip
I used to read her but I found we parted ways.  This could be another one
where if you suggest some stuff to read I'm game for a post-read discussion.
- Elise
> Diane Duane - Deborah , Jenwa
> Leon Garfield - Max,Hallie
> Rumer Godden - Jenwa, Melissa
> Barry Hughart - Melissa, Elise
> Guy Gavriel Kay - Rainio, Sarah
Partly I like him and partly I want to make him work as an auto mechanic or
in a Complaint department for 3 years, and then and only then let him write
again.  Blast me for it, I want you to.  I just hated what he did with his
characters in his first series, but then I loved it too.  Could I be more
ambivalent? - Elise
> Tanith Lee - Philip,Max,Hallie
> Madeleine L'Engle - Jenwa, Sarah
> Maud Hart Lovelace - Jenwa,Hallie
> Garth Nix - Deborah, Sarah
Gad, what was that book?  The one on the young necromancer - that was neat.
Only thing is that I was reading Game of Thrones at just about the same time
and there's this whole similarity about them, structural mainly - anyway, it
also reminds me of Paula Volsky's necromancy book - which was rather wicked.
- Elise
> Tamora Pierce - Jenwa, Sarah
> Phillip Pullman - Sarah, Elise
> Neal Stephenson - Jenwa, Dierdre
> Mary Stewart - Philip, SallyO
> Sheri S Tepper - Philip,Max
> JRR Tolkien, - Deborah, ELise
> 3 votes:
> Stephen Brust - Deborah , Jenwa, Melissa
I just can't get into his tales, but I don't know why.  Best I can think of
is that he and I have a really different focus on what we think is important
- so he tells what is important to him and I wonder why he is skipping
everything important to me.  But I'm not sure. Maybe if you guys talk about
him some more and what you like about him, this fog will lift from my mind.
- Elise
> Orson Scott Card - Nat, Sarah , Vanessa
> Susan Cooper - Melissa , Nat, Sarah
> Robert Heinlein - Amanda, Dierdre, SallyO
I liked him as a preteen until it occurred to me to be insulted by the
prevalence of nymphomaniac interchangeable centerfold math geniuses, and we
had a parting of the way.  I read a book called, I think, Emergent about a
girl who survives an apocalypse and who is, moreover, homo superior, a new
stage in evolution - anyway, this other book was interesting, but I found my
nostrils flaring as I sniffed whiffs of Heinlein in this young girl's
developing nympho/centerfold/math genius personality.  I mean, there's just
something prurient about it that I didn't bargain for when I began.  Turns
out it said in the notes the author was much influenced by Heinlein. I'm
rambling again aren't I?  But I recall liking that Cat books.  Thanks to you
all, I will probably re-read them quite soon. - Elise
> LM Montgomery - Jenwa, SallyO, Hallie
> E Nesbit - Jenwa, Melissa ,Hallie
> Elizabeth Marie Pope - SallyO,Hallie,Elise
> Patricia C Wrede - Rainio , Jenwa
Loved Wrede for a while esp. in junior high.  I think Daughter of Witches
was really my favorite - but perhaps I will re-read all.  What I really
appreciate in retrospect about her is that she was the first writer who got
me thinking about magic and how it would work. - Elise

> 4 votes:
> Roald Dahl - Deborah , Jenwa, Nat, Sarah
> Neil Gaiman - Amanda , Jenwa, Nat, Vanessa
I have a confession.  I've tried reading him, but I'm just not into it.
Teach me to see! - Elise
> Ursula LeGuin, - Deborah, Dierdre, Nat,Hallie
> CS Lewis - Deborah , Jenwa, Sarah, ELise
> Margaret Mahy - Amanda, Deborah, Nat, SallyO
> Robin McKinley - Deborah, Nat, Sarah, SallyO
> Patricia McKillip - Melissa , Philip, Max,Hallie
> Terry Pratchett - Amanda , Jenwa, Melissa , Vanessa
> Dorothy L Sayers - Rainio ,Karen, Melissa ,Hallie
> 5 votes:
> Jane Austen- Rainio, Deborah, Max, Hallie, Elise
Jane Austen reminds me of how I made this really, really deadly holiday
punch one year, in my more party hearty younger days.  At the party all the
guys stuck to watery american beer and all the girls drank the punch - which
was delicious and sparkly and had a ring of frozen strawberries in it - and
tasted completely non-alcoholic though, in point of fact, it had two bottles
of whiskey in it.  All evening the guys mocked our sissy drinking choice and
wouldn't besmirch their masculinity by tasting the punch, much less ever
being seen to like it.  Gender socialization is a weird thing. - Elise
> Lois McMaster Bujold- Deborah, Rainio, Dierdre, Melissa , Hallie
> Roald Dahl- Deborah , Jenwa, Nat, Sarah
> Neil Gaiman -Amanda , Jenwa, Nat, Vanessa
> Ursula LeGuin- Deborah, Dierdre, Nat, Hallie
> CS Lewis- Deborah , Jenwa, Sarah, ELise
> Margaret Mahy -Amanda, Deborah, Nat, SallyO
> Robin McKinley- Deborah, Nat, Sarah, SallyO
> Patricia McKillip -Melissa , Philip, Max, Hallie
> Terry Pratchett -Amanda  , Jenwa, Melissa , Vanessa
> Dorothy L Sayers- Rainio , Karen, Melissa , Hallie
> Connie Willis- Rainio , Jenwa, Melissa , Vanessa, Hallie
> 6 votes:
> Georgette Heyer - Deborah , Karen , Jenwa, Philip, SallyO, Elise
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