Bye everyone

Helen Scott throgmorton at
Mon Dec 20 11:22:02 EST 1999

o o

(big grin)

It's not fair but it's life.  I'm looking around for another job but it's 
Christmas and there's not much doing at the moment.  I'd like to get into 
Web Page creating but I shall probably end up with another Admin job.  Oh, 

Our library charges us for Internet access.  This is obviously wrong and 
something I hadn't questioned before.  Don't worry, I shall bug my friend 
until she lets me use her computer.  I just can't handle the 50 to 100 
messages we've been getting from the list lately!

Maybe you could keep me up to date on the interesting things like new DWJ 
books, things getting shared around and stuff.  I'd love to know all this 
but I can't wade through the reviews of other authors work (much as I'd like 
to) I think Fiona might object to me spending an hour on her phone line 
every couple of days. :)

Keep well and have a lovely Christmas.


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>Subject: Re: Bye everyone
>Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 11:54:21 EST
>In a message dated 12/17/99 11:35:35 AM Eastern Standard Time,
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> >Well...
> >I'm going to finally have to say goodbye to you all.
>         Helen!!!  OH NO!!!
> >I haven't had nearly enough time in the last few months to spend with 
> >list as I would have liked and now there are only five more working days
> >before the shop I work for shuts and my computer is taken away.
> >Bummer.
>         This really sucks.
> >PS, you can still reach me at this email address - I guess I'll have to
> >frequent the cybercafe once a week (or bug my friend!!!)
>         Do they have internet access at the local library that you could 
>for free?
>What will you do now, once the shop shuts?  This is so not fair.
>Max  (:
>PS    {{{Helen}}}
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