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Mon Dec 20 17:37:08 EST 1999

On Sun, 19 Dec 1999 22:55:29 +0800 (WST), Paul Andinach wrote:

>On Fri, 17 Dec 1999, Jill Wadsworth wrote:
>> My first DWJ book was "The Power of Three" in the "Magiquest"
>> series, which is possibly why I never looked for any others by her.

Actually, I find this kind of ironic because she also has _Magicians of
Caprona_ in the same series.  There were a bunch of good books in the
Magicquest line--_The Perilous Gard_ is the one that comes immediately to
mind, but I think they also did Paul Fisher's _The Ash Staff_.  I would love
to get my hands on a copy of that series, even though when I reread them a
year or so ago I found I'd sort of outgrown them...still, nostalgia and all.

Melissa Proffitt
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