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On Mon, 20 Dec 1999 18:10:22 +0100, Bodil Gram wrote:

>Elise wrote:
>>	I was thinking how I loved a part in it [The Darkangel] when the heroine, taken to
>>drudge in the dark angel's castle, has to spin invisible thread from a
>>spindle to make garments for the dark angel's wives, who are wraiths.  Come
>>to think of it, I'd really like to read those again.
>The first two books I found deeply fascinating, full of dream-like and very
>vivid images, but to me, at least, the third book was a bit of a
>disappointment because the author "explains" much of the very exotic and
>innovative magic as some kind of extremely advanced science fiction.

Darn straight.  Talk about letting down your readership, too.  Here I was
all set to accept a fantasy world and she had to turn it into something else
entirely.  It was also unnecessary explanation--probably a lot of readers
had already figured out that there was science behind the creation of the
world, and it's obviously our own moon that they live on....  She gave
plenty of hints throughout the first two books.  I don't even own the third
book, it was such a disappointment.  But I really liked the first two, and
loved the world she came up with.

Melissa Proffitt
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