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Mon Dec 20 17:23:21 EST 1999

Juniper, Gentian and Rosemary. I got about 1/3 of the way in, and haven't
picked it up again for a couple months. She has a very peculiar (to my
taste) style of plotting, where incidents sort of build up in the
background, so that the denouement is in a way less satisfying than the
exploration of the world of the characters. She loves writing about smart
people (which is why Tam Lin worked so well, I think). There is a kind of
hothouse quality to her intellectual characters; Dean really shows what it's
like to live inside a mind like that, full of quotes and obscure metaphor.
Instead of making allowances for those of us who _weren't_ English Lit
majors (as, by comparison, DWJ does), she writes for people who were born to
be English Lit majors, with no apology. So in a way her books are character
studies more than plot-driven fantasies. And I generally like and recognize
those characters. It's scary how many of my best friends are like that... 

Nat Case
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>alexandra.bolintineanu at utoronto.ca writes:
>>>" Have you by any chance read 'Tam Lin' by Pamela Dean?
>>Oh, I did read it last summer.  It was an immensely enjoyable book-- so
>>carefully plotted, and the hints so neatly sown.  And even more than the
>>fantastic element, I think I loved Dean's picture of university life-- as
>>madly delightful as it should be, and as it even is every now and then.
>        Oh, goody!  I'm glad you liked it; I like it too.  I did love that 
>picture of college life, and the way the real and magical are so blended.  
>Have you (or anyone else for that matter) read any of her others?  I keep 
>meaning to check out Gentian and Juniper? Rosemary and Juniper? Rosemary and 
>Gentian?  (my mind is blanking, sorry), but I haven't got around to it yet.  
>(huh, what else is new)
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