Georgette Heyer

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Mon Dec 20 10:36:12 EST 1999

	JOdel wrote:

	"Sophy (and Faro's Daughter) are fun of their type. But I think that
> heroine of the second is a bit of a twit and I can't really approve of
> Sophy. 
> (Too much of a manipulator.) Neither is particularly "polically correct"
> by 
> today's standards, but if we can't accept that people had different
> standards 
> at different periods we've already lost the battle."
	I think that's one of the things I particularly like about her main
characters - they are largely totally unsuitable, possibly for anything.
So many of them have outrageous personalities.  It really adds to the farce,
for me.  I like how Heyer makes being totally unreasonable and headstrong
into a plot driver, and also how she makes it funny.  Why, you were just
saying you really liked Devil's Cub, which I did too - but what a mad,
egomaniacal hero!  I would detest him in real life, absolutely.  That's the
book which made my bf incredulous about romances - he asked wonderingly, "is
it normal to have a sociopath be the hero??" 

	But instead of being my concerned with that aspect of things, Heyer
made me laugh and enjoy him.  And in Bath Tangle, if it had been any other
author I imagine the destined couple would have killed each other, they
fought so bitterly.  If some of her couples live happily ever after, it
would be a real triumph over their own characters - and I guess that sort of
makes the endings happier.

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