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>In Agatha Christie's stories, the Puzzle is the thing, and the
>characters are just more pieces in the puzzle.
>In Ellis Peters' novels, it's the characters who drive the stories.
>This does make a difference.

        That seems to be one of the main things that make a book a 'keeper' 
doesn't it?  That strong sense of getting to know a character from the 
inside, instead of from the outside.  Though the surface characters can be 
entertaining too.  I guess it all depends on what you're looking for from any 
given book at any given time?

Question: If Dashiell Hammett was writing in the thirties, and WWII is in the 
history books, does that make Sam Spade a historical detective? ;)  If so, 
then that makes two I've heard of!  (if not then it's back to the drawing 

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