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>Edith Pargeter. Wrote historical romances, but better known for the
>crime novels she wrote under a nom de plume.
>(And, come to think of it, best known for a series of crime novels in
>a historical setting.)

        These sound interesting.  Would you happen to know what the nom de 
plume was?  And are they crime crime (gory) or mild crime (Miss Marple) or 
somewhere in between?  The crime in a historical setting wouldn't be the 
Cadfael ones would they?  (As you can see my knowledge is extremely sketchy 
here!  This is the only historical crime series I can think of, and I only 
know it because it was on tv.)  I like the genre in general because it's 
satisfying to get to the bottom of things; but I don't know many of the 
authors.  I like Sayers a lot though.  And some of the televised ones like 
Inspector Morse (but, horrors, I haven't read the Colin Dexter ones, only 
seen them).  Any recommendations would be great.

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