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Sun Dec 19 05:34:39 EST 1999

Tarja: I seem to remember you mentioned writing about "Transformations" for 
your thesis?
I once audited a class where this was mentioned, and I remember the Prof. 
also mentioning an autobiography of Anne Sexton's daughter, who had a 
terrible relationship with her mother, which mentions this book - might be 
interesting to you. The daughter tells how once when she was young, she was 
reading a book of fairytales in the kitchen, and her mother came in and 
watched her, and asked her which were her favorite stories. Which pleased 
her at the time because it was an unusually warm interest from her mother. 
And then Anne Sexton went off and wrote "Transformations" which is basically 
a corruption of each of these stories, and a vicious thing to do to a child, 
if I'm rememberig the story correctly. The biography is apparently in the 
"mommy dearest" line.

Welcome Jill, Alexandra, Laurie and Karen, and bye Helen, we'll miss you!

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