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Sun Dec 19 04:31:17 EST 1999

On Thu, 16 Dec 1999 lpuszcz at wrote:
On 16th December Laurie wrote:
> I'm apparently the only
> person on the planet who considers books to be souvenirs :). (This last
> trip I came home with 37 books and very few clothes, but as I told my
> mother, "Hey, I can buy new clothes; the books needed the room")
Not the only one... I must confess having the same habit - perhaps
not quite a severe case - on our last trip to Paris we both (me and my
husband - I have been lucky enough to have found myself a husband 
of the same sort, and he reads DWJ occasionally, too) managed to restrict
ourselves to buy only 5 or 6 books each... But as I perhaps mentioned
earlier, we are now spending a year in Prague studying, and I dread the
day we are going back to Finland - not bacause of the actual going back,
that will be heavenly, but because of the amount of new books we will have
to take back with us... Having spent four months here and travelling
around Europe we've managed to fill two meters of shelf space with new
books, and having that much (and probably much more before summer) extra
kilos is going to be frightfully expensive, I guess... 
(sigh... )
But its nice having all those new books!


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