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<< Aha!  Pray tell us more! >>

Alas, nothing more to be said. Both serieses are current and should be 
available (I don't recall whether they are HB as well as pb. The Olliphant 
concern an older woman who started out with a ranch in Colorado (I think) I 
read one of them and it didn't grab me. The Ordes center around a 
30-something man, raised in an orphanage, who now has a very high-end antique 
buisness. The first three read like a trillogy, since they deal with his own 
(unknown) background, touching upon the auto accident which killed his wife 
and permanently damaged his son. His girlfriend is a policewoman. These are 
fairly interesting in light of what some of you have had to say about her 
fantasies in that they are told in first-person narriative by the malke 
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