Tam Lin

alexandra.bolintineanu at utoronto.ca alexandra.bolintineanu at utoronto.ca
Sat Dec 18 12:16:07 EST 1999

Max wrote:

" Have you by any chance read 'Tam Lin' by Pamela Dean?  I don't know
if it's still in print but you may be able to get a copy from her website.
I only mention it because "The Lady's Not For Burning" crops up in it,
(the first I ever heard of CF, that's for sure!).  Anyhow, you might enjoy
it? On second thought, on a student's budget, maybe check out the library

Oh, I did read it last summer.  It was an immensely enjoyable book-- so
carefully plotted, and the hints so neatly sown.  And even more than the
fantastic element, I think I loved Dean's picture of university life-- as
madly delightful as it should be, and as it even is every now and then.


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