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Sat Dec 18 02:56:33 EST 1999

>Jill, you need to introduce yourself already!  Or I'll do it for you.  And
>I'll make stuff up--you know I will.  Hmm, I can feel inspiration beginning
>to strike:  "Born to jungle-dwelling Amazons, Jill "Silverstride" Wadsworth
>was raised to fear and despise normal humans...."

Yes, all right!

I'm Jill Wadsworth, and I live in the Pacific Northwest, largely thanks to
Jacob and Melissa. They also introduced me to this list. My first DWJ book
was "The Power of Three" in the "Magiquest" series, which is possibly why I
never looked for any others by her. when I moved from Dallas, Melissa got me
started on reading DWJ in chronological order, and I must say that so far,
my favorite is still "Power of Three", although I read "Fire and Hemlock" a
couple of times, and the end a couple of times more than the rest of the
book. I'm going to have to take some time and read it out loud to someone.

What else? I lurk because I check my mail in the evening, and by the time I
read the messages, someone else has answered anything I think of, and much
better than I could have said it.

Most of my favorites are due to Melissa; Lois M. Bujold, DWJ, and a couple
of others that I can't think of immediately - oh, Robert Jordan! I'm trying
to learn to write, and not doing a great job. I'm improving in some areas,
but not in others.

In my spare time, I listen to music and watch tv - Buffy, Angel and Charmed
being the programs of choice in a weekly thing, and anything with music in
it (ie, award shows). I speak German almost fluently, and had better find a
new job before I kill my supervisor.

>Melissa Proffitt
>(and yes, I know Jill in real life, and now I live too far away for her to
>come over and belt me)

Huh. but I happen to have a friend and two siblings who are willing to do
that for me... at least, I think Chad will.... and if not, well, I'll be in
Denver in a week and it's only an eight hour drive....

Jill Wadsworth

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