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>Greetings and salutations!
>As to myself, at last I have emerged from underneath a pile of
>essays, notes, and end of terms exams, spraying dust and loose paper in
>all directions.  My name is Alexandra, I'm twenty-one years old, a
>Christian, and currently studying for my first degree in English and
>Computer Science (yay Jacob Proffitt!) in Canada.

        Hi Alexandra!

>When I was young I used
>to read with a lamp under the bed clothes (a rather large lamp, as my
>parents had long ago confiscated the flashlight) and I had to pause every
>twenty pages or so to let the overheated lamp cool off.

        LOL.  It's amazing the lengths we all have gone to in the name of 
children's lit!

>It is my steadfast intention and sinister plan to
>become a learned pedant of the old-fashioned kind, nurturing a monstrous
>collection of obscure knowledge about mediaeval beast lore and Norse myth,
>and letting it attack innocent bystanders every now and then.

        <LOL>    Oh.  A  college professor.   ;)
>P.S.  Here's a reading recommendation to the list-- "The Lady's Not For
>Burning", a lovely play by Christopher Fry, containing lines like "I live
>alone, preferring loneliness/To the companionable suffocation of an aunt"
>and "Your innocence is on at such a rakish angle/It gives you quite an air
>of iniquity", and also quantities of most prodigally splendid poetry.  I
>heartily, heartily recommend it.

        Have you by any chance read 'Tam Lin' by Pamela Dean?  I don't know 
if it's still in print but you may be able to get a copy from her website.  I 
only mention it because "The Lady's Not For Burning" crops up in it, (the 
first I ever heard of CF, that's for sure!).  Anyhow, you might enjoy it?  On 
second thought, on a student's budget, maybe check out the library first....


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