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>>I daren't say which are her best though because Nat will...clutch his head 
>Never read any of 'em. You must've been thinkin' of someone else.

        Well, given my sad memory, I would agree, but here I was actually 
thinking of the 'best' part rather than the GH part.  Seriously, thanks to 
you I find myself noticing things like that much more now, and thinking twice 
(*sometimes* even three times) before blurting out something.  I also find my 
ears 'swiveling' like Elise's when, say, I hear a politician or a film critic 
do it.  This list is good for *lots* of things.
>>        Hey, Nat, did you ever finish that paper you were working on about 
>>this subject?  Will you post it???
>I'm hoping to get a start on them over Xmas-New Years.


>Last couple months
>I've been trying to find time to sleep and eat and do laundry,and finally I
>will get a vacation...

        Real life could be quite nice I think, if it didn't take up so much 
time from everything else.

>Auctions/used shops have some, but I didn't see 5 Go Mad in Dorset.

        <perking up> perhaps the Comedy Channel will show it sometime, then 
they might put it out on video here.

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