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McMullin, Elise emcmullin at kl.com
Fri Dec 17 12:48:29 EST 1999

Sarah wrote:

	"Finally, based on all yous recommendations, I went and picked up a
> Heyer books at the library.  I got 'Friday's Child' (which Garth Nix lists
> as
> one of his faves on his website) and 'The Toll-Gate'."
	This list is great.  I went to the library earlier this week and
just finished Friday's Child last night.  Lots of fun and silliness.
Reminded me a bit of one I read too long ago to do justice to juxtaposition
- Faro's Daughter, I think.  Now where irl could I find people also perusing
Freedom & Necessity and/or Friday's Child all in the course of two weeks?
Most people I know don't even have a book or more going at any given time.

	My local library has a really inadequate Heyer selection - wanted to
bemoan that for a moment.

	I like her Georgian ones, but haven't laid hands on them in ages.
Liked Devil's Cub too -  my BF was incredulous about the characters (in an
awestruck sort of way).  It was my influence that got him reading them and
he is full of questions about the romance genre now - he never imagined them
shooting at each other or being so outrageous.  imo, he still can't believe
how fun they are.

	I'm not sure if this counts as a guilty confession here, though in
general I think it might.  I like to read Patricia Veryan, who is a
Heyeresque romance writer.  Similar to Heyer, her books are either regency
or georgian in setting.  And since I just read Heyer last night I can say,
"Dash it, she ain't the Incomparable, but how could she be?  Incomparable,
y'know. Stands to reason."  Translation: formulaic but fun with madcap
characters and Plots.

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