Bye everyone

Helen Scott throgmorton at
Fri Dec 17 11:19:44 EST 1999

I'm going to finally have to say goodbye to you all.

I haven't had nearly enough time in the last few months to spend with this 
list as I would have liked and now there are only five more working days 
before the shop I work for shuts and my computer is taken away.


Perhaps if there is a result to the "can we copy Changeover" question 
someone could email me with how to get hold of a copy?  I know I'd love to 
read it.

I'll unsubscribe on Monday (if I have time).

Meanwhile, have a good Christmas everyone and if there are people I should 
have replied to I'm sorry, things have just gone mad here and I don't know 
why I haven't jumped out of the window yet :)

Oh, and thanks Jenwa for organising the Archers Goon video your end.



PS, you can still reach me at this email address - I guess I'll have to 
frequent the cybercafe once a week (or bug my friend!!!)

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