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>Can you believe the girls actually have a relative who had the family rule
>that anyone reading could not be disturbed for any reason?  Lovely idea and
>all, but only if one is the reader.  I suppose in our case it wouldn't
>matter that my children would never do their homework, brush their teeth or
>put their dirty clothes in the hamper, as I would never get them to school,
>take them to the dentist, or wash the clothes anyway!

        LOL!   Ah, but they'd thank you later when they all had lucrative 
English degrees!  It does sound a lovely idea.  I was allowed (or at least 
not discouraged) to read at home, but Mark was always asked "Why aren't you 
outside playing with your friends?"  So he didn't get to read nearly as much 
as he would have liked.  The plus side of this I guess is that now he reads 
with extreme attention and can recall minute details about what he reads, 
whereas I am generally at a loss to summarize even something I read last 
month.  (However, I *can* therefore re-read to my hearts's content.  I also 
have a poor memory for jokes, so every joke is new to me!  I can remember 
people's sun signs though, but perhaps that's because there are only 12 to 
choose from...)

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Melissa at writes:
>Is there
>really any point to me spending MORE than the fifteen minutes I actually
>needed to finish my homework?  I didn't think so.


>I didn't do a lot more than the absolute bare minimum in school

        This was harder to do in school than in college.  But in college 
there's no one to say "We've noticed a deplorable slide in your schoolwork of 
late, young lady."  My original plan in college was to study Economics (feel 
free to snigger.)  I found it strangely easy to do as little work as possible 
on this alluring subject, and save all my energy for the English classes I 
sinfully allowed myself as a treat. (the only reason I was studying Econ btw 
is because my mother wanted me to study something 'lucrative.'  Suffice it to 
say, Econ and me were not a match made in heaven, and I switched majors 
sophomore year.  Ah the relief!  The rejoicing!

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geminii at writes:
>These are available on video over here, so I imagine they must be online 
>somewhere too!

        What?  Where's here?  If it's England, are there US compatible 
versions available??? (PAL system I *think*)

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lpuszcz at writes:
>I found that there are TWo other Cold Comfort Farm books:
>_Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm and Other Srories_ and _Conference at Cold
>Comfort Farm_ 

        Ooh, I would like to read them even if they're not that great, just 
out of curiosity.  Have to check out the ol' online bookstores...

>sometimes I think I went on to grad school just to keep my ILL


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