Five Go Mad in Dorset

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I'm not sure if you're aware but there was a whole series of Comic Strip Presents programmes, including Five Go Mad in Dorset and also Five Go Mad on Mescalin. These are available on video over here, so I imagine they must be online somewhere too!

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>Five Go Mad in Dorset  
>What a title!
>There is no reference in or to this title per se (though
>there is a reference to Jennifer Saunders's role under:
>Do tell more!

        It's so long since I saw it (15+ years!) that I can't really do it 
justice!  If I remember correctly, there were Julian, Dick, Anne, George, and 
Timmy the dog.  Julian was the eldest (but I don't remember the actor's 
name--he was v funny though):

        Anne: "Oh, Julian you are extraordinarily mature!"
        Julian: "Yes, I am, aren't I?"

Dick was Adrian Edmondson, v clean-cut and 'sensitive,' (the opposite of 
Vyvyan in the "The Young Ones.")  Anne was Jennifer Saunders (sort of Narnia 
Susanish), George was a 'Tomboy' (Dawn French).  Timmy was--Timmy:

        "Oh look!  Timmy's fallen over!"
        "Never mind, Anne.  We'll get you a new dog."

As with the EB books, I think they are on holiday staying with an aunt(?) 
maybe, and because they are so nosy they get involved in some mystery they 
attempt to solve.

Tarja may remember more details.  I hope so because it really was hilarious!

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>Have to say that "Five Go Mad in Dorset" is just hilarious

I do remember that the Comic Strip Presents did a bunch of other mini-movies 
"A Fistful of Traveller's Checks"  (speaks for itself!), and "Consuela" which 
was a spoof of all the Hitchcock movies at once, especially "Rebecca," and 
had Dawn French in the title role.  Can't remember the others though.

just did a quick search:

for a list of the actors involved; not much more there though :(

Hoping Tarja has more!

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