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A few comments on several posts...

Better Off Dead is one of my very favorite movies--funny stuff!  Brainless,
but hilarious.  I have a bunch of audio clips on my computer from it.  

I wish I lived next to half of U2.

I used to read Tepper.  I say used because I got to the point where I couldn't
take them anymore.  They were just too dark and I don't like carrying around
constant negative images in my head all the time.  I bought 'A Plague of
Angels' but ended selling it back because I couldn't stand for it to be in my
room.  I still have scenes from that book stuck in my head, and I read it many
years ago.  I find her books suck me in and I HAVE to finish them to find out
what happens.  I think she is great at plot--I finished all of her books I
started.  I even finished 'Beauty', though I would never read it again.  

Going back to Dahl's autobiography-'Boy' (and the second half of his life
'Going Solo')-I found it really sad.  I like his other books-they are silly
and fun and a little naughty.  One of my favorites is 'The Story of Henry
Sugar and Six More'.  It is very different from his other writing (Charlie...,
Matilda, Twits, etc), being short stories that are rather supernatural.  I
would be interested in what Dahl-dislikers think of it.
Okay-so the reason I was even talking about autobiographies was to recommend
two I found absolutly hysterical: 'Oddballs' by Sleator and 'The Schernoff
Discoveries' by Paulsen.  Both are quite short and are loosely-based autobios.

It is interesting--Gary Paulsen also (like Dahl) had a horrid childhood, but
his books are quite inspiring.  I just read 'Winterdance,' which is his
account of running in the Iditarod for the first time--the adult version. 
'Dogsong' is the kid version.  I think even a devoted cat person would like
these--and I am a cat person who likes dogs.

To bring this all back to DWJ, I was in need of come comfort reading the other
night so I pulled 'Archer's Goon' out.  


I was reading the part where Howard, Awful, and Fifi all go to Dillian's to
get the 2000 words and it struck me that Dillian and Laurel have a lot in
common.  Both are beautiful, live in huge, expensive homes, have "certain"
powers, and they use shame/embarrassment as a tool to control other people. 
Howard and Fifi are so busy being embarrassed on Awful's behalf that they fail
to realize they don't have the 2000 words anymore.  This is exactly how Laurel
presses Polly to leave Tom alone because of this "crush" Polly supposedly has
developed.  I swear Dillian and Laurel are cousins or something!:)  Twins
separated at birth?  Even my mental picture of them is similar.  I'm not sure
if this was noted in the earlier discussion regarding F&H, but I just wanted
to mention it, as I NEVER make these sort of connections!  

Finally, based on all yous recommendations, I went and picked up a couple
Heyer books at the library.  I got 'Friday's Child' (which Garth Nix lists as
one of his faves on his website) and 'The Toll-Gate'.

I think that is the longest post I have yet to put on here!


Ringo Starr: "What was it that first attracted you to me?"

John Lennon:  "Well, you're very polite, aren't you?"



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