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Fri Dec 17 03:10:06 EST 1999

Hi, Laurie,

>-I'm more of a mystery reader (Elizabeth Peters, Janet Evanovich,
>Barbara Vine, etc, really any author with a good sense of humor

Janet Evanovich absolutely cracks me up!  A reading friend of mine gave me
a clipping of an interview with her, which told of why she switched from
writing romance to "mystery", and I knew I had to read her.  (I do have a
sneaking desire to find her old romance books though, based on this
interview).  Very difficult to force myself to be good and wait til her
books are published over here.

>  I always keep paper and pen by the computer now, jotting down new titles.

:-)  Me too!  In fact I'm thrilled about this second round of intros, as I
went through the archives making notes on just who everyone was when I
joined.  I felt rather like Harriet the Spy doing this.  (My real name,
urgh, IS Harriet.)

>  I also love other kidlit--L.M. Montgomery (but not all of them, just
>as someone, maybe Hallie?, mentioned)

Yes, that was my comment.  (Too early in the a. of m. to decide whether to
be correct and say "I", or human and say "me").  Loved the first 3 Anne
books, but all those descriptions of perfect married life in later ones
make me gag!  Especially when Anne and (ok. no spoilers, just IN CASE)
start turning up in the short stories viewed through the eyes of others, as
"the only woman ever known to keep her looks/figure/ungreying hair through
6 children", and "the only man ever known to be truly happily married".
Blaahh.  But maybe I should save this for the survey.

Anyway, welcome!

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