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>>I never even knew I was *supposed* to do this!  I think I
>>got plenty of reading time during the day... 
>        That might be why.  I could read a lot at home, but 12 and up is when 
>I really started reading under the bedclothes, because in school our days 
>were so regimented and then after supper we had prep, then bedtime.  After 
>lights out was the only time to read what you wanted, and you kind of need 
>light to do it....

It makes a ton of sense.  When you get to high school (here in America, and
assuming you're in a public high school that is) the teachers are always
telling you you should spend at least an hour studying per hour in class, or
something like that.  Well, heck, I read a lot faster than that.  Is there
really any point to me spending MORE than the fifteen minutes I actually
needed to finish my homework?  I didn't think so.

I didn't do a lot more than the absolute bare minimum in school.

Melissa Proffitt
(I'm going to bed now, I swear it, I've posted way too much today but it's
just been one of those days)
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