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>Hello, all.  I feel as though I know some of you very well, due to having
>lurked on the list since the beginning, and now that I am (almost) through
>being examinated by the university, I feel like I should introduce myself.
>I'm Laurie, I'm 24, I live in Ohio (USA)

        Hi, Laurie!!

>I've gotten the chance to study in Spain three
>times, and hoping for a fourth this summer.   I'm apparently the only
>person on the planet who considers books to be souvenirs :)

        What? They're not??!?

>the books needed the room"


 _Cold Comfort Farm_ anyone read the sequel?

        I didn't know there was a sequel!  What's it called?
>And I think the "Grease" soundtrack in Spanish would count too :)


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>>'scuse please.  What is this 100-question purity test of which you 
> >>

        Oh! <several syllables>

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frede005 at writes:
>Ahhh --- this is Karen, and it's my time to unlurk

        Hi, Karen!!

>Music, ergh, yes I'm an original punk/New Wave fan who was driven to
>distraction hunting down month-old issues of the New Musical Express, and
>paying a pretty penny for them as well.

        Hee hee!  It's all coming back to me!

>it was wonderful, because of DWJ and Ellen Kushner and Terri Windling

        lucky thing!

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>The people who built the house I grew up in were particularly ingenious...
>There were lights in the closet.  I just slept with the closet light on - and
>a book under my pillow... 

        Aha!  Evidently they were a family of afterdark readers.

>and sometimes crawled in the closet to read,
>because I was grounded for readign when Is hould have been doing something

        Makes me think of Polly Plummer in the attic at the beginning of "The 
Magician's Nephew" !

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Melissa at writes:

>While we're on the subject, which would you (that's a plural you, for
>everyone who reads GH) say are Heyer's best books? 

        My hands down favorite is "These Old Shades" then "Devil's Cub" (the 
sequel) and "Venetia" tied for second.   I like "The Grand Sophy" a lot, too. 
 I daren't say which are her best though because Nat will take me aside for a 
little chat  <winking cheekily> and I don't want him to clutch his head in 
anguish again.

        Hey, Nat, did you ever finish that paper you were working on about 
this subject?  Will you post it???

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Melissa at writes:
>I never even knew I was *supposed* to do this!  I think I
>got plenty of reading time during the day... 

        That might be why.  I could read a lot at home, but 12 and up is when 
I really started reading under the bedclothes, because in school our days 
were so regimented and then after supper we had prep, then bedtime.  After 
lights out was the only time to read what you wanted, and you kind of need 
light to do it....  If my batteries were dead, I'd tiptoe out of the dorm and 
hide in one of the bathrooms that didn't have windows on the housemistress's 
side of the house---picture this Victorian bathroom with rectangular yellow 
tiles and one of those cisterns high up on the wall with the original pull 
chain.   This has left me with a) a dislike for the color yellow, b) an 
ability to operate for long periods of time on v little sleep, and c) an 
irrational sense of bathrooms as places of safety.

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Melissa at writes:
Elise said:
>>Can one be right all the time in every world?
>If it's me, then yes, by definition. :)  Hmm...though possibly one of my
>analogues might be Always Wrong


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