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Thu Dec 16 23:39:07 EST 1999

On Thu, 16 Dec 1999 17:57:52 -0800, Jill Wadsworth wrote:

>The people who built the house I grew up in were particularly ingenious...
>There were lights in the closet. I just slept with the closet light on - and
>a book under my pillow... and sometimes crawled in the closet to read,
>because I was grounded for readign when Is hould have been doing something

That IS clever.  I wish I'd had something like that.  If nothing else, I
could have hidden from my mother more effectively.  (I honestly don't know
how she put up with me as patiently as she, wait, I remember a
number of times when she went nuts over what seemed to me to be No Good
Reason, like my choosing to read another book rather than do the dishes.
She also accused me of giving her the "Doberman Pinscher Look," whatever
that is.  I don't know WHY she griped so much, it's not like I wasn't the
most helpful and obedient of her children.  I'm serious.  Stop laughing like
that.  I am NOT KIDDING.)

Jill, you need to introduce yourself already!  Or I'll do it for you.  And
I'll make stuff up--you know I will.  Hmm, I can feel inspiration beginning
to strike:  "Born to jungle-dwelling Amazons, Jill "Silverstride" Wadsworth
was raised to fear and despise normal humans...."

Melissa Proffitt
(and yes, I know Jill in real life, and now I live too far away for her to
come over and belt me)
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