the unreasoning power of the media

PREISIG, Kylie Kylie.Preisig at
Thu Dec 16 23:29:15 EST 1999

> Any other ideas?  This database is tremendously flexible, and 
> the thing I
> was telling Jacob the other day was that I was positive there 
> were things I
> was missing--things I wanted to track that I just couldn't 
> think of right
> off hand.  Maybe Jacob would post the fields we've already got.

I'd be interested!  In fact I'd be interested in seeing the
entity-relationship diagram or the database diagram too (just throwing in
some techo data design jargon there)!  I wouldn't mind doing something like
this with my database, though I probably don't need the level of detail
you've gone into.  At the moment I record who has borrowed what and when in
a book specifically for that purpose.  But that hasn't stopped books

If Jacob makes his program available at some point I may be interested in
acquiring a copy.

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