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Thu Dec 16 23:13:49 EST 1999

On Thu, 16 Dec 1999 19:12:21 -0500, McMullin, Elise wrote:

>	If this route isn't practicable, I guess I'd just sort of break the
>info down and do maybe an author a day and set a goal (10 records? 15?).

The last time I did this, I was going for 10 a day (more on weekends) and
that worked just fine.  As I said, my problem is that I get obsessive and
then I don't want to stop....

>	What has me curious are the fields beyond the bibliography.  I don't
>want to make more work for you, but I was thinking how cool a Reviews field
>would be.  Or a Reader Comments field.  Cross-references, recommended
>readings, ooh la la.  And you can link the records to any essays you write
>in your word/wp/write program.  Okay, maybe that all can wait until dtbs
>updates after the drudgery is done!
Jacob already mentioned he was adding this.  I think it's a great idea!  One
of the--fields?  Records?  Anyway--one of the things we can store in this
database is People: borrowers of books, friends, sources for book
purchasing, stuff like that.  (I am doing fairly well at keeping track of
who's borrowed my books, but I recently lost my copy of Neal Stephenson's
rather rely on an electronic memory, at least as a backup.  I honestly can't
think where it's gone, unless Jacob really did take it on his last business
trip and left it somewhere, which I find unlikely.  He knows the kind of
havoc a tiny woman with no scruples can wreak upon a sleeping man.)  So this
would be a perfect corollary.

Any other ideas?  This database is tremendously flexible, and the thing I
was telling Jacob the other day was that I was positive there were things I
was missing--things I wanted to track that I just couldn't think of right
off hand.  Maybe Jacob would post the fields we've already got.

Melissa Proffitt
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