Georgette Heyer's missing books

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>> ... in my opinion, the missing books consist of books that had better stay
>> missing! Seriously, sometimes there's a good reason when books die out. Not
>> always, but sometimes. I've read (or tried to read) a couple of the
>> suppressed Heyers and I thought they were nowhere near as good as the
>> others that survived. Barring Cousin Kate, I must add. I thought that was a
>> very unworthy entry.
>Agreed.  Cousin Kate is not good.  And nor, for that matter, is Royal Escape.

While we're on the subject, which would you (that's a plural you, for
everyone who reads GH) say are Heyer's best books?  I read _The Grand Sophy_
and adored it, but the next three or four I read were not as enjoyable.
_Cousin Kate_ falls into that category; I liked _Sylvester_ fairly well, and
I think the third was _Cotillion_ and I frankly don't remember it.  I
actually love Regency romances and I agree that as a writer Heyer is
probably among the best in this genre, but I was sort of disappointed by the
way my reading experience went.  What I'm hoping is to discover other titles
by her that I like as well as _Sophy_.  Any opinions?

Melissa Proffitt
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