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Jacob Proffitt Jacob at
Thu Dec 16 18:52:22 EST 1999

On Thu, 16 Dec 1999 16:19:43 -0700, Melissa Proffitt wrote:

>>>>Nope.  I used those to stuff under the door so no light would show . . .
>>>Wow, you must have been desperate.  :)
>>Desperate?  Yeah.  I never did solve the window problem, though.  Windows
>>tend to leak light *out* as well as in.  At least I was never desperate (or
>>clever) enough to read in the closet.  I've always been a night-person
>>trapped in a world ruled by day.  Night time was my time where I could do
>>what I want.  What I wanted was to read.
>Which would explain why NOW you stay up late to play computer games, right?

Sort of.  Although which came first, the late nights or the night-habits is
anyone's guess.  My geekdom started the same way after I made my first
computer purchase (at the ripe ole age of 14) and had the computer in my
room, too.

>And, to be fair, PROGRAMMING MY NEW DATABASE.  At least I assume that's what
>you are doing down there in your cave late at night.  At least it had better

Um, nope.  Was playing EverQuest.  Sorry.  Maybe tonight . . .

Jacob Proffitt
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