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Thu Dec 16 18:26:45 EST 1999

It doesn't really take that long.  It only took me a couple of weeks to do
the 500+ books I had when I created my database (which is just an Excel
spreadsheet).  If you get a stack of books and get into a rhythm you can
whiz through them.  Though I don't guarantee that at the end of you won't be
blind at the keyboard...

No matter what database you use you'd still have to enter the same amount of
data.  I guess my only recommendation would be to make sure the data entry
side of it is as friendly to your needs as possible, or to perhaps consider
entering data into something friendlier and importing it into the final


> Hmm, that reminds me....What Jacob is currently doing, in his guise as
> SuperGeek, is creating the database of my dreams to catalogue 
> my (sorry,
> OUR) books.  The sticking point at the moment is that 1500 
> books, while a
> paltry number in terms of general collections, is daunting 
> when it comes to
> entering things like author/title/number of pages by hand, 
> which is what it
> looks like I'll be doing.  There are options for purchasing existing
> databases (i.e. with 4-6 million records, from which I would 
> choose the ones
> I need) but in the first place, that's sort of overkill, and 
> in the second,
> they cost a lot more money than I'm willing to spend.
> SO....
> Does anyone have any bright ideas that will save me going 
> blind over the
> keyboard?  And will not require me to sell said books in 
> order to afford the
> database, a la "The Gift of the Magi"?
> Melissa Proffitt
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