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Ahhh --- this is Karen, and it's my time to unlurk.  I have a habit of
subscribing to listservs where everyone else has read the books to be
discussed more often and more recently than I have.  This does lead to
lurking!   Horrors: I've read some DWJ novels only twice!  On the other
hand, I've bought them, and kept them on a special shelf, so you can see I
have good intentions, I do mean well.  I also went to my one and only sf
convention because DWJ was the guest speaker.  It was a small,
reader/writer centered con called the Fourth Street Fantasy Festival, and
it was wonderful, because of DWJ and Ellen Kushner and Terri Windling and
the general ambience.

My first DWJ was Charmed Life, and I bought the other books in bunches as
they became available in paperback.  I read The Ogre Downstairs when I
need a laugh, and my other faves include Witch Week, Charmed Life, and
Time of the Ghost.  I've started on a complete re-read, thanks to you
all. Just last night I was chuckling at the fact that Tonino in Caprona
likes to read fantasy - - about worlds with no magic at all.  :)

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, where I work at the U of MN.  My
interests seem to revolve around history, in great part - history
straight, art history -- and historical novels:  I'm a Mary Renault,
Dorothy Dunnett, and Patrick O'Brian fan.  Dorothy Sayers? Yes.  Georgette
Heyer?  Bien sur.  And, turning to tv,  I'm a Simpsons, Law & Order, and
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fan.  Oh yes, and The Big Valley, a 60s western
starring Barbara Stanwyck , although to me she is not the attraction*
...ahem.  Yes, I belong to a BV cyber-community. Ahem again. :)

Children's books - many of my favorites have no fantastical element in
them, but a recent favorite is Sabriel by Garth Nix and I have good if
slightly "I hope this isn't going where I think it's going" feelings about
Philip Pullman.  In sf I prefer C.J. Cherryh to L.M. Bujold -- is there a
rock I can hide behind?  I don't read as many mysteries as I used to, but
I do collect Reginald Hill (Dalziel and Pascoe) and Lindsey Davis
(Falco) novels.

Freedom and Necessity -- yes, James(?) is rather Wimsey-like, but I think
his inspiration is to be found in Dorothy Dunnett's Francis Crawford of
Lymond.  The Wimsey-note comes second hand, as LPW is one of Lymond's
literary ancestors.  

Music, ergh, yes I'm an original punk/New Wave fan who was driven to
distraction hunting down month-old issues of the New Musical Express, and
paying a pretty penny for them as well.

Oh one of my interests is Isambard Kingdom Brunel, his bridge/ship and
railroad -- Bristol, illustrious Bristol, looms large in his legend.

*indication of the relevant attraction below

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