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Thu Dec 16 14:45:15 EST 1999

Hello, all.  I feel as though I know some of you very well, due to having
lurked on the list since the beginning, and now that I am (almost) through
being examinated by the university, I feel like I should introduce myself.

I'm Laurie, I'm 24, I live in Ohio (USA), and I am a second year
Master's (Spanish) student.  I was LOL at your posts about people asking
you what you*do* with your time if you don't have TV, because the
inevitable question I always get is "what will you *do* with Spanish?"
Honestly? Dunno.  I just like it, which is apparently an odd answer.  I
get even stranger looks when I tell people I take French and German just
for fun. Next semester should be quite an experience, as I am teaching a
Spanish 1 section for the first time.  <sigh> Twenty-four students who
loathe languages and are only there because the University makes
them--should be quite an  experience.

I am now almost sure I will go on to get a Master's in Library Science and
(happily) give in to my fate to be a librarian.  I love books, and reading
your descriptions of books piled on books all over the house made me
LOL--Me too!!  I have to confess that I have not read much sci fi or
fantasy--I'm more of a mystery reader (Elizabeth Peters, Janet Evanovich,
Barbara Vine, etc, really any author with a good sens of humor, which is
one of the things I love about DWJ)), but in a way that has been great,
because as I haven't read many of the books mentioned on the list, I now
have a huge "To read" list. (Not that it wasn't huge before).  In fact,
what pushed me to do the intro was the fact that I wanted to thank the
list in general (since I no longer remember who recommended what) for
their great choices.  Just last night, I read "All My Darling Daughters"
by Connie Willis, which was mentioned on this list, and it gave me the
creeps.  I've been thinking about it ever since.  I also loved _A College
of Magicks_, which I found a copy (signed, first edition!!) of online, and
Mahy's_The Changeover_, which I adore.  I always keep paper and pen by the
computer now, jotting down new titles.

One benefit of studying Spanish is that schools will give you scholarships
to go study abroad, and so I've gotten the chance to study in Spain three
times, and hoping for a fourth this summer.   I'm apparently the only
person on the planet who considers books to be souvenirs :). (This last
trip I came home with 37 books and very few clothes, but as I told my
mother, "Hey, I can buy new clothes; the books needed the room")
On my second trip there, we had an overnight layover in London on the way
home, and everyone else wanted to see the sights, but I wanted to find a
bookstore to see if they had any DWJs.  No luck there--got lost. I have
also looked for DWJ books translated into Spanish, but so far, no luck.
Those Enid Blyton books are all over Spain, though. Now I'm glad I never
picked one up <shudder> :)

Let's see...favorite DWJ:  _Howl's Moving Castle_. I also love _Archer's
Goon_, and _Fire and Hemlock_, although I have to confess it took me
several tries to get into the book.  I kept getting it out of the library
and telling myself to read it, but it took a while to hook me.  Now I love
it.  I also love other kidlit--L.M. Montgomery (but not all of them, just
as someone, maybe Hallie?, mentioned), old Trixie Belden mysteries, Noel
Streatfeild, Anna name it. Some of my other favorites have
already been mentioned--_Good Omens_, _Cold Comfort Farm_(anyone read the
sequel? Not even close to being as good, IMHO).  And I love Susan Cooper,
Roald Dahl, *and* Harry Potter too. I think with Harry Potter, it helps to
consider them in the light of old boarding school books, which also have a
pretty simplified good/evil viewpoint, and the competition between the
schools.  That's what I immediately thought of as I was reading them.  
Just a thought.

Guilty pleasures?  Nora Roberts has a trilogy which features witches.  I
don't know why I like it, but I do.  And I think the "Grease" soundtrack
in Spanish would count too :)

Well, I wanted to mention once again how much I have enjoyed reading all
of your posts.  My appreciation of DWJ (already pretty high) has really
increased since being on the list.

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